J&S teaser

I’ve only uploaded about 1/4 of the pictures so far, but I really wanted to get a teaser post in as I have a busy week ahead of me and I don’t know when I’ll get through them all!

This is by far my favorite engagement shoot I’ve ever done. I’ve never had so much fun :). Love you both.

Note: These 3 were all taken with lenses I rented for the occasion, the first two with a tilt-shift (my new favorite thing ever) and the last with a fish-eye.

J&S proposal!!!

While in Mexico S had the brilliant idea to officially propose to J and I got to be in on the secret!!! Oh my, it was so much fun. We were supposed to do it Saturday night during a sunset beach shoot, but with rain, rivers flooding the beaches, private beaches, etc, we ended up taking several taxi’s, a bus, and walking in the rain a lot and eventually gave up and went to dinner at an amazing restaurant over looking the town. We did get some pretty cool sunset pics when the rain lightened up, but the beach was far too crowded and not that nice for a proposal.

J said we had her 100% convinced she’d be going home without a ring (yes, we did do TONS of engagement pics before he actually proposed). She’d been expecting a proposal on Saturday, so it was fun that we were able to throw her off. Sunday morning we got up at sunrise and went down to the beach. I was able to get her away from S for a few minutes (she said I should win an oscar for my acting abilities 🙂 ) and when he came back to get us I ran ahead of them so I could capture this:

It was perfect. She kept yelling into the ocean “I’m engaged!!!!” and she couldn’t stop smiling!

You can check out her whole story here. Read it, she’s a wonderful writer and it’s a great story!

To those who know the lucky couple, please remember to refrain from using ‘that groom’s’ name 🙂

Snorkeling and the little mermaid

This is me with J&S in Puerto Vallarta. It was the most amazing vacation!! Thank you so much for the opportunity to go! I have tons of pictures to post and their engagement shoot(s) will have to be broken up into a few posts :). J was my freshman roommate, and remains in the top 3 for favorite (out of 32).

First, here are a couple of pictures ‘J’ took.

Yes, we all look like cretins from the sea. This was before we attempted to snorkel in water that was far too green and S and I decided we weren’t very good swimmers. This is one of the few pictures of me, isn’t it so flattering??

We found this rock and wanted to do ‘Ariel’ pictures.

similar to this, no? We couldn’t remember the exact pose…

There will be much blogging in the next few weeks, but I have a busy schedule ahead, including leaving for Utah in 2 days! Believe me, by the time I’m done you’ll feel like YOU just got back from Mexico. Have a happy Monday everyone!

Traveling tips from Kelli!

1. You DO want to arrive to the airport in plenty of time for your flight, not, however, so early that the shuttle isn’t running yet and the ticket counter hasn’t opened (on the other side of that, arriving 20 minutes before the plane takes off is not a good idea, but if that does happen to occur, check your luggage curbside and give the man a generous tip, works every time…).

2. You DO want to actually go to bed the night before, so you don’t have the same dark circles under your eyes that I do.

3. You DO want to bring a light jacket, as the airport is ALWAYS cold, even if you’re traveling
somewhere where it’s going to be 90 degrees.

4. You DO want to utilize the free wifi at said airport (by the way, San Diego has free internet, so does Las Vegas and Wilmington, NC. Philly has free wifi for students and everyone else gets it on the weekends). While you wait stake your claim on an outlet as soon as possible. If you get bored on the plane you’ll want your computer and you will be very sad if it dies.

5. If you have a camera, make sure to bring your sniper lens (ie 200mm+) so as to provide endless entertainment shooting pictures of unsuspecting passengers who were also too early.

6. It’d be a good idea to eat something within 12 or so hours of flying besides some dark chocolate.

7. iPod’s and sudoku can provide hours of enjoyment. Be certain to include games, movies, and/or books on said iPod.

8. If you snore or drool, do try to stay awake. It’s for your own good, I promise.

9. Keep some basic toiletries in your carry on so when/if your airline is stupid and you get stranded in a dumpy New Jersey motel that gives you a toothbrush but no toothpaste, you can maintain some form of hygeine.

10. Be kind and courteous to all other flying passengers and airport officials, you may just get something out of it (like not having to pay for overweight luggage, or just getting them to like you).

PS: I still have an hour

Puerto Vallarta is calling

And I’m happy to respond. I’m headed off to Mexico for a very exciting weekend full of photographing, resorts, friends, engagement shooting, etc. VERY very very excited about this trip. SO, I will be out of reach until Monday. I may have access to email, but I can’t promise I’ll respond while I’m there :).

Have a great weekend everyone!

And, because I can, a picture of one of the cutest little African orphans you ever did see: