Family Pictures in San Francisco!

While I love Houston, San Francisco won for weather while I was there in December. I was so afraid it would be too cold, but it was absolutely perfect. So take note, SF in August: Freezing; SF in December: Wonderful. I love this city!

I know this great family because I’ve been photographing Christina’s sister’s family in Houston for years! I’ve been able to photograph Christina’s family in Houston a few times as well, but she really wanted some iconic San Francisco shots while they were living close to the city. I believe we succeeded :).

C Family

This is yet another family that I’ve gotten to see grow up.  My sister used to live right next door to them when these twins were just babies!  I photographed them for the first time when I was doing a school project on twins when they were around 8 months old.

Oh, twinners.

E Family

I babysat these kids for years when I was younger (starting when I was 16!).  The biggest shocker was the oldest’s deep voice.  Seriously.   When did that happen?

I loved seeing them all and it was even more fun to get to photograph them again!

We ended with a giant dog-pile on dad!