Baby Miles

Miles was 10 days old when I had the pleasure of meeting him and he got to do a little modeling.  When I arrived he was passed out on grandma and he didn’t even flinch when I moved him!  I heard he was up quite a bit the night before to make sure he was good and sleepy for his big debut.  It was really fun to use some more of my new props and bring out some old ones that hadn’t been used for a long time!

Baby Anaya

I was so bummed on Saturday when it started storming outside!  It was my birthday and I wanted to do what I wanted to do, and that was supposed to be photographing this sweet baby girl.  Since I use all natural light, the weather just made it too dark inside.  Luckily, the weather was amazing on Monday!

I tell the best newborn jokes.  Actually, I’m sure she was just ecstatic to finally be asleep!  This was one of my first shots of her.  Can’t believe we got this!  And look at that arm chub :).

I also got way more awake shots than usual!  Not once did I see her go cross-eyed.

There are many many pictures that I laughed out loud to.  She gave me the funniest faces!  I was also super excited to get a newborn girl to photograph so I could try out some of my new headbands and girly wraps!

Anaya starting crying when I tried to reposition her at one point so I just flipped her over on her back and she relaxed and instantly drifted back off!

Can you believe this eye contact?  And just a hint of a smile.  What a good little model.

These next two are with her mommy’s own baby blanket that was made by her grandma (Anaya’s great-grandmother).  Isn’t that lovely?  My gramma made my baby blanket too and this made me really want to find it for when I have kids!

Congratulations on your beautiful little girl!!

Baby Jacob

I was so excited to see an email from this little one’s mama early Saturday morning.  He was already ten days old so we scheduled the shoot for the same day!  I ran around my apartment throwing all my new (and old) blankets, hats, and other props into a giant suitcase (I had to sit on it to get it zipped when I left the shoot), giddy to photograph another newborn.  I have two more this month that I can’t wait for!

Little wrinkly baby feet and round toes are always favorites.

Why do boys always get the best eyelashes?!?

LOVE all the shots with the new mom and dad.  LOVE them.

Can you even believe this gorgeousness?!

I love these next two of mom for so many reasons.

Biiiiiig stretch!

Such a sweet face.

Jacob surprised his parents when he decided to come two and a half weeks early, but he still weighed in at 8 lbs 2 oz!  My last 3 newborns have all come early, but he’s been the biggest.

Congratulations on your handsome little boy!