Happy Birthday Cade!

The boy who made me an aunt 10 years ago hit the double digits today!  I have so many memories of this guy.  The first time I ever felt him kick (in-utero, of course), my sister leaned over me while we were sharing a bed and he kicked me in the bum!  When he was born I went around telling all my friends in high school that I was an aunt.  I couldn’t have been happier and he couldn’t have been more perfect.  I even vividly remember taking care of him overnight when he was around 6 months old; I woke up frequently to make sure he was still sleeping on his back and breathing!

Cade, I can’t believe you’re growing up so fast.  You’re the coolest 10-year-old I know (and the sweetest, best at sports, and most definitely the most handsome).  Happy Birthday!!!

The J Family

I photographed this beautiful family when I visited North Carolina last year and I was lucky enough to do it again this year!  The whole shoot was a breeze and it was so much fun!  We wandered around downtown Wilmington and discovered some really great spots.  I LOVE the way their outfits all came together.  The girls had such cute outfits that matched some of our locations perfectly!  Little miss “S” here was a perfect model the entire time.

Despite the general aversion most people have toward clowns, I think this next shot went better than expected.  This comedic fellow jumped into one of our pictures, though I only got two shots before “S” decided this was much too close for comfort!  After sufficiently frightening the children, he pulled a peanut out of my ear and made a blonde joke. 

“R” is such a great big sister!

These girls love their daddy!

This may have been my favorite part :).  We stopped for hot cocoa (and a cinnamon bun for the girls) and I placed them next to the window for some lovely window-light.  They didn’t even notice me.

This shot with the whipped cream makes me want some right now!

A little clothing change and some sugar in them and then the magic happens!

We got a lot of dancing, giggles, and all-around-craziness.  It was perfect.


Thanks for the fun day!

The Johnson Family. Is Rad.

I love this shoot. Sure, the 3 year old wasn’t exactly fond of me at first, but wow, after that doughnut! She was magic :). Enjoy some pictures of some beautiful people!

Now lets all practice something. Look at the next picture and tell her “No.” Go ahead. Try it. Can’t do it? Neither can I.

They are Adorable. With a capital A.