Colton was the smiliest newborn I have ever photographed! He smiled well over a dozen times during the session, it was the cutest thing ever. I always have to remind myself not to laugh or coo too much at babies when they do something cute or I might miss the shot! Sometimes it’s hard. Because, seriously? Look at this face.

Carla & Hector

Carla & Hector are getting married in her home country of Nicaragua, but I was lucky enough to get to do their engagements! I loved everything about this session. How gorgeous are they??

The next two may be my two favorites!

I LOVE these next two as well!


This is the type of picture I would treasure as an adult (I have 3 sisters!). Mom can also point back at this picture when they’re teenagers and say “See, you DID get along at least once.” I’m sure Gisella will be a great big sister to Alianna!


On my way to Utah last month I scheduled a 2-hour layover in Phoenix and did a quick maternity session with my friend Jen!  It was a lot of fun :).

Jen, you’re so beautiful!  I love this next shot.