Robyn + Kevin

Wanted to post a quick picture from today’s engagement shoot! Same story as before, I’ve hardly looked at a handful of pictures, but wanted to show off my attractive clients. I’ll tell you more about the shoot next time 🙂.

Oh, and funny thing about these shoots, both couples are getting married in California! And I’m doing an engagement shoot in February in California for a couple that’s getting married in Utah. Go figure.

Carrie + Andrew, just one

I’m in the process of uploading/importing/converting/backing up the pictures from this fun engagement shoot yesterday, and I just wanted to post one to show your their adorableness. This was one of my most relaxed, fun, happy engagement shoots yet. I’ve only seen about 15 pictures so far, but I’m excited to get through the rest and show you more!

A bit older

I photographed these brothers for the first time when the little guy (who turned 2 a few days before this shoot, happy birthday!) was just sitting and couldn’t run away from me yet :). You can see that first post here! I couldn’t believe the amazing memory of the older brother. He told me that our last shoot was at a castle and I had a pumpkin on my camera (a pez that fits on my hotshoe that I use with kids). I love my repeat clients!


This is one of my favorite families to shoot (it helps that the 2 younger ones are best friends with my niece and nephew) and this shoot turned out so great! Mom wanted them photographed with their grandma, who the little one is named after. She is frequently referred to as “SL2.” They’re all so adorable together!

After that we dressed up SL2 and I’m a tad obsessed with loving these pictures of her.

The shoot was over, but as mom grabbed her checkbook I grabbed a few last candids. Some of my favs 🙂

Thanks for another great shoot!

Baby girl "A"

3 months old and this little girl even slept for me! I share a love of Paris with her parents (which obviously made me like them right away) and they all had so much love for each other. Check out how darling it is when she hugs her mommy’s arm like that! (I am waaaaayyyy behind on blogging. Maybe, someday, in like 2020, I will catch up).