Mitch & Valerie

I’ve known Mitch since he was in middle school and I actually photographed him here a couple of years ago!  I’m so happy that he and Val found each other.  They are so adorable together!!

See those snow-covered mountains?  Yeah, this was in Utah in March…and it was FREEZING.  See how Val held up?  Doesn’t she look gorgeous and not-freezing in every picture?  Yeah, she was a real trooper.


Brie & Claire

When I was still in Utah my twin sister and I got things together for a photo shoot right before I left.  Dad was at work, so it was just Brie and Claire!  We were a bit worried that she would respond like this (hint, I’m on the left):

But she was great!  Brie was some kind of hoola hoop prodigy when we were younger and I’m happy to see she’s started Claire early.  She’s got the hip swaying down already.

This girl also LOVES books.  She will read for hours so we incorporated lots of books in the shoot :).

I can’t believe she’s already one!