Carley & Matt

I’ve known Carley since we were single digits!  I used to photograph her occasionally when I needed a model at school, but since everyone grows up at some point (and I moved) I don’t get to see her as often as I would like.   The stars aligned though and I was able to shoot some bride/groom pictures when we were both in Utah.

Congratulations Carley and Matt!  Love you!


Rowe belongs to one of my old roommates from school!  We lived together about 6 years ago and now she has this chubby little monkey to call her own.  We got together so I could use some of my new little boy baby props on him (the hat, ties, and some other things not shown).  I just love how this little tie looks on him.

To keep the hat on long enough for a few shots (the boy hates hats) we had to distract him with bubbles and puppets and singing.  Michelle did a great job with the singing :).

Who doesn’t like a good leaf to chew every now and then?

South Family

This is the third time I’ve photographed this family and I can’t believe how big that little blondie got.  Their first family pictures are here (if you can look at them fast enough before you get redirected back to my current site) and there are a couple of them last year here.

I didn’t notice until now, but this first shot is so similar to the first shot from their first photo shoot!

E (the older one) still recalls when we did pictures at “the castle.”  What a memory that kid has!

These kiddos were unbelievably cooperative.  They were so easy.  Thanks guys!

G Family

While I was traveling I had so many awesome photo shoots so I’m going to post just a few pictures from each for the next few weeks!

My first shoot was with this cute little family!  My old roommate is this mama’s sister and I couldn’t believe how adorable these kids were.

I love her serious look.

For some reason I just love this one!

Craig & Jackie’s Wedding!

If you remember their engagements you’ll remember that Craig and his family are favorites :).  Friends since Craig’s 14th birthday, and they’ve done so much for me over the years!  Hopefully I’ll be around when a few more of the 5 kids get married (Craig’s the oldest).

I flew into Utah a few days before the wedding (which was in October, yes I’m way behind on blogging), but my second-shooter didn’t fly in until the night before.  Due to crazy weather he got stranded in Denver (not fun, we don’t have good luck there).  The next morning was a mad rush to the airport, getting the rental car, and then driving the several hours to Manti!  We got there just a few minutes before they got out of the temple.  It was a cold day in Manti!

First public kiss!

Yes, I’m hardcore in my Gap kid’s beanie and shootsac.  When I’m shooting I strangely don’t even feel the cold!  That is, until my fingers go numb and I can’t find the shutter button :).

And then Craig decided to join me.  Jackie stayed under the warmth of a blanket between shots :).


I’m pretty sure Jackie made both of these cakes, can you believe that?!  So if you’re in Utah and need a cake made…

Congratulations!  Can’t wait to see you all again!