Richardson Family

“I” was such a cooperative big brother (for at least a few minutes :)).  I couldn’t believe we got such a great smile out of him!  I love this shot of these brothers.

“B” was such an easy guy to work with, even with his big brother playing cars nearby :).  He’s being trained to sleep through anything!

I love all the cute faces newborns make!


Miss Victoria was such a good sleeper and a sweet little girl.   She made the most adorable faces during our session!  Look at those lips.

Her skin was so pale and rosy!

Sad faces on newborns kill me!

When she was alert she was still so calm and we got some great awake shots!


Remember Hank?  Here’s a shot from his newborn session:

He’s now a darling 1-year-old!  On his way to be a future tennis star.

Or golfer!

He has the most beautiful big brown eyes.  It was so much fun to photograph him again!

Brooks Family

J was such a great little model!  Even when she was awake she was super calm and after a good nursing she slept the rest of the session.  Oh, and she came in with some great hair!


Noah kept us all waiting and decided to arrive fashionably late, but he was worth it.  I’m pretty sure his mom and dad would agree!

So curly :).