Hank was the oldest newborn I’ve ever photographed! The shoot took much longer than usual, but it was so worth it.  He had so many cute little rolls and some great smiles for me.

We took several pictures of him swaddled like this with different hats on, but as soon as we took the swaddle off he was not happy with us!

Isn’t this face perfect?  One of my favorites.

We managed to get him back to sleep and he was so good for us.  I love his fuzzy hair and little belly rolls!

A sweet little smile!

At the very end of the shoot I wanted to get a few more on the backgrounds his mama picked out and Hank gave us this little gem!

One thought on “Hank

  1. Brooke says:

    He is gorgeous, as is EVERY single picture! I love the bright orange background with the blue swaddle blanket, they look so good together! Kelli, was he easier to photograph than Lyla aka “the most awake newborn on the planet earth”?!?!?

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