Scotty and Lakesha

Shooting Lakesha and Scotty was so. much. fun.  Koree (the boyfriend) came along again and we all wandered around Uptown Park discovering new spots for a while before heading over to another location right before sunset.  L&S are just gorgeous and so easy to photograph!  This was one of my favorite engagement session ever, so be prepared for lots of pictures!

Koree grabbed awesome close-ups like this next one while I did more full-body shots.  LOVE Scotty’s face here, what a sweet smile while he nuzzles Lakesha :).

I frequently tell people to be serious for a certain shot.  Often, it’s a secret ploy to get them to laugh.  Scotty nailed the serious pose here and totally stayed in character, but this is what happened with Lakesha!  I love how hard she’s trying to be serious in the second shot!

Another great shot by Koree!

See?   We did lots of laughing.  I’m training myself to stay composed during all this laughing or else I get blurry pictures from all the bouncing.

I loved how the purple flowers in the background matched her dress.

They really like the color orange, so this spot was perfect for them!  Just in time too, a few days later I drove past this spot and it had been tagged.

Perfect way to end the shoot.

8 thoughts on “Scotty and Lakesha

  1. Rachel says:

    SO many great pictures! That dress is too too cute. Shoot, they’re too cute! It’s so hard to pick a favorite, but the two where she is kind of posing and he is standing to the side really stand out. But they’re all fantastic.

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