BFA Opening Reception

My senior project!!! I can officially graduate now. The hard part comes when I have to click on that little button that says "apply for graduation." Eh, my day will come.

I wanted to tell you all how much I appreciate everyone’s support and love throughout this project! Thanks so much to everyone who came to my opening reception, participated in my show, or just looked at my show.

Here are some pictures from the evening. Don’t let looks fool you, I’m actually the shortest of the 3 (my twin sister and my mom). Go big shoes!

We made lots of truffles. Peanut butter…mmmmm.
These were the mint oreo ones.
Here’s how the show looked! The prints are all black and white 16×24 gallery wrapped canvas prints. It was so much fun to see them all up together!

And here are all the final pictures that made it into the show. I had the amazing opportunity to photograph over 20 moms and babies, but I initially proposed 12 to my professor and my wallet was hit pretty hard, so I wasn’t able to do them all. I was able to print 17 of my favorites.

To all the wonderful moms that helped out: If you’d like to purchase your print at a discounted price please let me know asap. You can contact me at kelli (at) kellinicolephoto (dot) com for prcing information. I’m driving to the SF bay area in 6 days so if you live out there I can drive it out and we won’t have to worry about shipping costs! If you live anywhere else please let me know if you’d like your print. If I don’t know by Tuesday if you want your picture it will be unavailable until January as I’ll be traveling outside of Utah until then, where I’ll be leaving the pictures.

And now, the beautiful, inspiring, incredible moms and their darling babies.


I have a soft spot for twins 🙂 and these two are no exception! Look how beautiful they are!! I just love dark eyes because they reflect everything. And their lips. I did not get blessed with full lips, so I always envy them, but these are spectacular. I thought about sneaking away with one. Mom wouldn’t notice one little baby missing, right?? I loved all the color in their house and the huge zebra print in the living room!! Mom was especially beautiful too and looked uh-mazing after having twins! Thanks for being the last mom on my list for my final project!!! (which goes up in 3 weeks! AH!)

Ah, this face. Look at this face!

Kristi and her boys

This is one of the last shoots for my bfa project! I did one more that will soon be blogged. My sister has been this 18-month-old’s nanny since he was a newborn! He’s been featured on this blog several times 🙂 here (one of my first blog posts!), here, and here. This little guy is his cousin, so they both get to be in my show!

I think mom is around 7-8 months pregnant here, doesn’t she look amazing?!?

I’m having a hard time choosing one for my project, but I’m leaning towards this one, what to do you think?

I’m kind of in love with his face. Isn’t he just beautiful?!

I need newborns!

Just like this sweet little 8-day-old girl. I have one more school project I need to complete and I need itsy bitsy sweetie little babies under 2 weeks (preferably 6-7 days old). I need to complete the project by the end of August, but I’ll be in the San Francisco east bay a couple different times in August, so if you’re having a baby (or know of someone), please contact me asap for details.

And now, Monica and beautiful little baby girl “I”


A baby a little older than most for my BFA project, but a sweet girl nonetheless. Love that adorable flower behind her ear!! Thanks!