I have a soft spot for twins 🙂 and these two are no exception! Look how beautiful they are!! I just love dark eyes because they reflect everything. And their lips. I did not get blessed with full lips, so I always envy them, but these are spectacular. I thought about sneaking away with one. Mom wouldn’t notice one little baby missing, right?? I loved all the color in their house and the huge zebra print in the living room!! Mom was especially beautiful too and looked uh-mazing after having twins! Thanks for being the last mom on my list for my final project!!! (which goes up in 3 weeks! AH!)

Ah, this face. Look at this face!

8 thoughts on “Twinners

  1. Catherine says:


    These are just beautiful! so honored to be a part of your project! I have to say my babies are pretty cute! (spoken like a true mom lol)

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