Van Brunt Family

The first time I photographed the Van Brunt family L was just a newborn!  It was so fun to see her again and see how she’s grown.  I get to photograph her 1st birthday next month and I’m so excited!

I just love the colors in her nursery.  The blues look so great with her eyes!

She is such a sweet and expressive baby!

I just love this shot.  What a beautiful family.

Can’t wait to see you all again!

Upcoming Travel

Hello, friends!  In the near future I’ll be going on some photography-specific trips and it’s about time I let you all know about them!

July 19th-22nd I’m headed to Utah (SLC/Provo) and would love to do a few more sessions.

August 23rd-27th I’ll be in the San Francisco bay area as well as Sacramento and Tahoe.  My time will be extremely limited, but I’d love to do some more sessions if possible!

I have a tentative trip to New Jersey sometime between October-December as I have some wonderful clients that are moving there.  This trip is not set, but please let me know if you’d be interested in doing a session.


If anyone is interested in doing a session (or just hanging out!) please contact me at  I’d love to hear from you!

And because a blog post of mine isn’t complete without something beautiful, I give you  a favorite from a recent session.

Jonas and Charlotte

Jonas and Charlotte’s parents waited five years for them to make their way into this family!  They were born in May and for Anh’s first mother’s day her husband said she could get anything she wanted.  She wanted something that would last and he suggested a photo shoot!  What a smart, wonderful husband he is :).

Jonas apparently wasn’t comfortable with how I’d posed him initially so stuck out his little hand to prop it under his chin like this.  He cracks me up!  What a sweet little guy.

Charlotte is such a beauty!

At the session I met Jonas and Charlotte’s aunt, grandparents, plus a few others!  How lucky they are to be wanted and loved by so many!