Van Brunt Family

The first time I photographed the Van Brunt family L was just a newborn!  It was so fun to see her again and see how she’s grown.  I get to photograph her 1st birthday next month and I’m so excited!

I just love the colors in her nursery.  The blues look so great with her eyes!

She is such a sweet and expressive baby!

I just love this shot.  What a beautiful family.

Can’t wait to see you all again!

One thought on “Van Brunt Family

  1. CHRIS says:

    What a great post and what a beautiful baby. I LOVE the b&w crib shot AND the color crib shot. I LOVE the dog shot. I LOVE the family shot. Geez, I also LOVE the last sweet face shot. I feel like you must have captured her personality so well, because so much personality comes across in the pictures. GREAT job!

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