Family Pictures in San Francisco!

While I love Houston, San Francisco won for weather while I was there in December. I was so afraid it would be too cold, but it was absolutely perfect. So take note, SF in August: Freezing; SF in December: Wonderful. I love this city!

I know this great family because I’ve been photographing Christina’s sister’s family in Houston for years! I’ve been able to photograph Christina’s family in Houston a few times as well, but she really wanted some iconic San Francisco shots while they were living close to the city. I believe we succeeded :).



Ethan is another little guy who I got to photograph first when he was just a wee one kicking on his mama’s bladder! I first met his parents back in October on a beautiful Houston fall day (but let’s be honest, she could be wearing that same dress this week. I do love Houston winters!).

I sure do love parents with a sense of humor! If you look close you’ll see Ethan’s outfit is covered in mustaches as well :).


He was so expressive! Kept making faces that cracked me up.

We did his session on his 1-month birthday, so his parents brought cupcakes to celebrate! They were quite delicious :). 


I really love photographing older siblings with newborns, especially when they’re old enough to follow directions ;). This beautiful little lady was such a delight to photograph and get to know and it didn’t even phase her when her naked baby brother had an accident while she was holding him! I know plenty of adults who wouldn’t handle that as well as she did!

I obviously had to get some of her by herself while Mateo was taking an eating break. Stunning, isn’t she??

What a beautiful little man this is. He makes me job easy!


I love photographing a maternity session and then when I get to meet their baby as well! The way a woman can grow a human will never cease to fascinate me. I frequently ask new moms if they can believe such a squirmy little person fit inside them just days before!

I first got to photograph Shanelle and Reese in October when the weather in Houston is oh-so-nice!

I just love how happy they are together. What beautiful smiles!


Then in January I got to meet this beautiful soul!

What a sweetheart little Vivienne is. I love her grins!


Some days my job is like playing dress-up, except I get to snuggle with a real live baby. Those days are not too bad :).

Lydia Joy

In case you didn’t know, I have an identical twin sister! She already had one beautiful daughter that kept us all on our toes (here she is as a newborn!), but at the end of December they added another little joy to our lives and big sister Claire sure is crazy about her Lyddie! When it was time for me to come back to Houston she whispered to her mom “Is she going to take the baby?” When my sister told her no she said “Oh, phew!”

I am so happy to have these little girls in my life.


This is her sweet smile :). 



I had to get a shot in too :). I love being an auntie!!