Lieu Family

Some of you may remember baby L back when he was a newborn (remember? cutest yawning picture ever?).  He’s a big boy here at 7 months old and still as cute as ever.  Check out that hair!  His mama said he totally got her unruly hair, but I love it!! We met for a fun morning at Hermann Park!

They’re moving to Colorado, which makes me sad.  I’m sure Colorado is going to increase in coolness exponentially as soon as they arrive.  I’ll miss photographing your cute family!

Mitch & Valerie

I’ve known Mitch since he was in middle school and I actually photographed him here a couple of years ago!  I’m so happy that he and Val found each other.  They are so adorable together!!

See those snow-covered mountains?  Yeah, this was in Utah in March…and it was FREEZING.  See how Val held up?  Doesn’t she look gorgeous and not-freezing in every picture?  Yeah, she was a real trooper.