Craig & Jackie’s Wedding!

If you remember their engagements you’ll remember that Craig and his family are favorites :).  Friends since Craig’s 14th birthday, and they’ve done so much for me over the years!  Hopefully I’ll be around when a few more of the 5 kids get married (Craig’s the oldest).

I flew into Utah a few days before the wedding (which was in October, yes I’m way behind on blogging), but my second-shooter didn’t fly in until the night before.  Due to crazy weather he got stranded in Denver (not fun, we don’t have good luck there).  The next morning was a mad rush to the airport, getting the rental car, and then driving the several hours to Manti!  We got there just a few minutes before they got out of the temple.  It was a cold day in Manti!

First public kiss!

Yes, I’m hardcore in my Gap kid’s beanie and shootsac.  When I’m shooting I strangely don’t even feel the cold!  That is, until my fingers go numb and I can’t find the shutter button :).

And then Craig decided to join me.  Jackie stayed under the warmth of a blanket between shots :).


I’m pretty sure Jackie made both of these cakes, can you believe that?!  So if you’re in Utah and need a cake made…

Congratulations!  Can’t wait to see you all again!

7 thoughts on “Craig & Jackie’s Wedding!

  1. CHRIS says:

    I love the candy shop picture too. SOOOO cute. I love that temple picture….the one of just the temple-beautiful. Great job as always.

  2. Admirer says:

    You are a master photographer! Such beautiful pictures. I like that you can’t tell that the groom has a deformed right half of the body. You rock!

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