Miles at 1

I photographed Miles when he was just 10 days old last March and it was so much fun to see him at the age of 1!  I wasn’t expecting a blondie, but check out this hair and those blue eyes!

Miles was so adorable and very independent :).  He was so happy when we let him climb some stairs and then walk back and forth at the top.

I loved his little shoes.  Everything about him was cute!

P in Dallas

Many of you know my good friend Jenna!  She’s living in Chicago for now, but came down to Dallas for a wedding last month so I got to go up and watch her little guy!  He turns one this month and I was privileged to be one of the first people to see his sweet face when he was born so it was really great to see how he’s grown.  I just love my little guy!!

He showed me all his new teeth…

We went to some parks…

and he showed me how he’d been practicing his standing and walking!

What a model face.  I have a cute niece around your age, buddy :).

I love that I was able to get this look on his face while I held him!  I miss you P (and Jenna too :))!

Jeff & Hayley

Jeff & Hayley got married in Utah a couple of weeks ago so I can finally show off some pictures from their bridal session! We went down to Brazos Bend and it was gorgeous. I’m so excited about these pictures!

This next one is one of my favorites.

Another favorite!