The J Family

I photographed this beautiful family when I visited North Carolina last year and I was lucky enough to do it again this year!  The whole shoot was a breeze and it was so much fun!  We wandered around downtown Wilmington and discovered some really great spots.  I LOVE the way their outfits all came together.  The girls had such cute outfits that matched some of our locations perfectly!  Little miss “S” here was a perfect model the entire time.

Despite the general aversion most people have toward clowns, I think this next shot went better than expected.  This comedic fellow jumped into one of our pictures, though I only got two shots before “S” decided this was much too close for comfort!  After sufficiently frightening the children, he pulled a peanut out of my ear and made a blonde joke. 

“R” is such a great big sister!

These girls love their daddy!

This may have been my favorite part :).  We stopped for hot cocoa (and a cinnamon bun for the girls) and I placed them next to the window for some lovely window-light.  They didn’t even notice me.

This shot with the whipped cream makes me want some right now!

A little clothing change and some sugar in them and then the magic happens!

We got a lot of dancing, giggles, and all-around-craziness.  It was perfect.


Thanks for the fun day!

4 thoughts on “The J Family

  1. brooke says:

    ahhhhhh, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them!! I’ve been waiting for these. They turned out soooo good, you (and of course they) must be so pleased!!!!!!!!!!

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