Snorkeling and the little mermaid

This is me with J&S in Puerto Vallarta. It was the most amazing vacation!! Thank you so much for the opportunity to go! I have tons of pictures to post and their engagement shoot(s) will have to be broken up into a few posts :). J was my freshman roommate, and remains in the top 3 for favorite (out of 32).

First, here are a couple of pictures ‘J’ took.

Yes, we all look like cretins from the sea. This was before we attempted to snorkel in water that was far too green and S and I decided we weren’t very good swimmers. This is one of the few pictures of me, isn’t it so flattering??

We found this rock and wanted to do ‘Ariel’ pictures.

similar to this, no? We couldn’t remember the exact pose…

There will be much blogging in the next few weeks, but I have a busy schedule ahead, including leaving for Utah in 2 days! Believe me, by the time I’m done you’ll feel like YOU just got back from Mexico. Have a happy Monday everyone!

2 thoughts on “Snorkeling and the little mermaid

  1. Brooke says:

    huh, I am sooooo jealous of your trip right now, and I like your shot better than Ariel’s, I think she had it all wrong ;o)

  2. Jenna says:

    Wow, we were WAY off with the pose. It’s too bad because I really think we could have captured a shot like that if we had tried! I’m glad something turned out even though we had no idea what we were shooting. Ridiculously expensive waterproof case = totally worth it.

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