B Kiddos Sneak Peak

I have barely been able to look at the pics from this shoot so I just grabbed a few that caught my eye.  Such happy kids!  I love the way little Lily clasped her hands together here!  She started cracking up and not even her mom had ever heard her laugh so heartily.

What little girl doesn’t like to dress-up?  This one of Evie was particularly adorable.

LOVE this little outfit and that eye contact!  Such a perfect little round face and pink lips.

Little Miss Sass

If you  know Tessa, you know she is the epitome of sassy!  It took quite the effort to get her dressed in what her mom and I wanted her in (I’ve never met a child with such a strong obsession preference for clothes).  I think we were all a little relieved when Max turned out to be a boy since he’d have to be a very strong little girl to compete with a big sister like Tessa :).  But wow, those blue eyes and that crazy curly hair of hers make for some darling pictures!

I love how red her lips look; I think it’s from being chapped due to the winter air, but it sure looks cute!

Can’t believe my little chica is already 4 years old!

He Melts My Heart

Crazy to think that this little guy was the same one that I watched come into this world the day I graduated last year!  He was much more wrinkly and old-man-ish back then.  He is such a perfect baby; he’ll eat anything, entertain himself for hours, and never gets frustrated when he’s working on something (such as pulling out everything from the bottom shelf of the freezer while mom is putting away groceries). Not to mention those California-surfer-boy good looks.

We got these shots RIGHT after he woke up.  I wanted to capture that look, bedhead and pj’s and all, and since he was still in that just-woke-up daze he sat still for quite some time :).

I just love love love this face and that crazy bedhead.

He’s started crawling, but a lot of the time it’s this funny side-winding army crawl.  It’s so adorable.

Click on this video if you really want to see him in action 🙂 – Max

If I could photograph 6-9 month old babies everyday I would be so happy.  Love you Max!

My Favorite Title…

Is that of Auntie!  I’m the proud Aunt of 8 1/2 nieces and nephews; the little girl on the way is going to disrupt our equal boy:girl ratio, but I don’t think anyone’s going to complain :).  If you know me you know that I LOVE babies like a fat kid loves cake, but throw in some of my genetics and that love quadruples.  Unfortunately, so far my siblings have failed to bring a child into this world that looks like me (even my twin, I mean, come on!), but gosh darn it, they still manage to make some pretty cute kids.

I’ll probably be sharing more of my family from the last six or so months, so for now I’ll kick it off with my little Claire.  She recently cut some teeth and is starting to crawl!

She is a very picky baby when it comes to people (I wonder where she gets it…*cough*), but seeing as how I look just like her mama, I’ve been told that I’m probably her 3rd favorite person in the world.

This face was not staged.  She seems to get a lot of pleasure from other people’s pain!

This next little monkey is who I get to see (along with his two younger siblings) TODAY.  As soon as I pack my suitcase (I never fail to do it mere hours before I leave for the airport) I’ll dream of their sweet little faces that I get to tickle and smooch oh so soon.  These rascals live in the blistery state of Minnesota, so today I went out looking for snow boots, only to discover most places aren’t carrying them anymore since Houston’s winter is practically over.  SO, I bought rain boots.  At least they’re waterproof, right???  I plan on wearing them over 7 pairs of socks.

So please forgive me if I taken a little longer than usual to respond to any emails for the next week.  I’ll be getting my snuggle on (and chasing, swinging, building snowmen while trying to avoid frostbite, reading, wii-ing, hiding and seeking, and other such games).

W Family

When I was in California in October (I know, this is a long time coming), I was buying some jewelry from Leisa (check it out here, I LOVE her stuff) and she asked if I did trades.  Absolutely I do!  I got to get way more jewelry than I was planning on 🙂 and she got a photo shoot of her adorable family.  It happened to be a really rainy week and we had to cancel on the day we planned for, but last minute Leisa was able to pull together everything for the shoot on another day.  Her husband was at work and happened to be wearing that shirt (which has orange stripes) so she planned their outfits around it and I can’t believe how cute it turned out (well, I can, since she is so darn crafty).

They ordered this one for their home, I know it will look awesome!

I think this one is soooo darling.  I LOVE pictures of my older siblings holding me when I was a baby (though unless my name is written on the back it becomes a guessing game of which twin is it).

This little guy was right around 6 months and couldn’t be happier!

Chances are, if you ever see me wearing jewelry, it came from her.  Thanks again!