Little Miss Sass

If you  know Tessa, you know she is the epitome of sassy!  It took quite the effort to get her dressed in what her mom and I wanted her in (I’ve never met a child with such a strong obsession preference for clothes).  I think we were all a little relieved when Max turned out to be a boy since he’d have to be a very strong little girl to compete with a big sister like Tessa :).  But wow, those blue eyes and that crazy curly hair of hers make for some darling pictures!

I love how red her lips look; I think it’s from being chapped due to the winter air, but it sure looks cute!

Can’t believe my little chica is already 4 years old!

4 thoughts on “Little Miss Sass

  1. Chris says:

    OMGosh. I’m dying here. These pictures are so cute they are painful. Wow. Great job!!!!!!!! Do you have a fav? I’m thinking maybe the last one. It’s almost like I can feel her in that picture.

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