W Family

When I was in California in October (I know, this is a long time coming), I was buying some jewelry from Leisa (check it out here, I LOVE her stuff) and she asked if I did trades.  Absolutely I do!  I got to get way more jewelry than I was planning on 🙂 and she got a photo shoot of her adorable family.  It happened to be a really rainy week and we had to cancel on the day we planned for, but last minute Leisa was able to pull together everything for the shoot on another day.  Her husband was at work and happened to be wearing that shirt (which has orange stripes) so she planned their outfits around it and I can’t believe how cute it turned out (well, I can, since she is so darn crafty).

They ordered this one for their home, I know it will look awesome!

I think this one is soooo darling.  I LOVE pictures of my older siblings holding me when I was a baby (though unless my name is written on the back it becomes a guessing game of which twin is it).

This little guy was right around 6 months and couldn’t be happier!

Chances are, if you ever see me wearing jewelry, it came from her.  Thanks again!

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