E Family

The E family was another great family I got to shoot while I was in Minnesota!  I just love how all their colors came together and how great they looked with the locations.   Calvin, Maxwell, and Sophie were all so good for me (especially Sophie, the girls always are!).

I find kids this age hilarious.  They have the cutest smiles!

They all have such striking blue eyes!

Stacey, you’re gorgeous!  (Also, when I flew out of Minnesota a few days later I realized I was basically wearing your exact outfit, which I had purchased during my trip!).

And quite possibly my favorite from this session:

Oh, how I love that shot!  I’m tempted to make it into a giant canvas for my own place :).  Reminds me a little of the Wizard of Oz, anyone else?

4 thoughts on “E Family

  1. Kristin says:

    Fabulous! Love what Sophie is wearing. The leaf throwing pic is great! That last picture is so amazing. I want that in my house too! Can you just photoshop our family in???

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