Max isn’t a newborn anymore, but his was one of the many this last summer that never got blogged.  When I realized that I couldn’t resist showing off a few of my favorites!  He was such a sweet, adorable newborn, and nothing has changed now that he’s all grown up and five months old.

One of my favorite scale shots I’ve taken.

Here he is now!  Isn’t he the cutest thing?!  That little bow-tie…and that hat…boy is going to have to fight off the ladies when he’s older.

N, if you get ever get tired of his cuteness I’ll take him!


4 thoughts on “Max

  1. Nadia McKinney says:

    Kelli, you are such an amazing photographer! Max is such a cutie (I am biased); but you always take the most amazing shots. We look forward to capturing Max as he grows with your wonderful talents…

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