Symphony is an amazing little girl.  She was born early at only around 2 lbs (if I remember correctly).  Can you believe that this beautiful chubby little lady was ever so tiny??  She was such a sweetheart.

There’s something about this shot of Symphony and her mama that I just adore.

Ha!  Love this face she’s giving me.

She was such a happy baby!

Thanks for being such a good model :).

4 thoughts on “Symphony

  1. rebecca says:

    what a cutie!!! i LOVE that first picture! you are amazing Kelli! oh and the one of her and her mama… melt! they are all wonderful!

  2. CHRIS says:

    Oh my gosh. I LOVE these. I LOVE the one with her mama. It touches my heart. . . . but they are all adorable. I love the two little pig tails. Great job.

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