Marc and Crystal

I’ve known Marc as long as I’ve lived in Houston and I’ve joked at times that we were practically roommates.  It’s been quite fun for me to see these two progress through their relationship and I remember many of the little steps in the beginning (you know, when she’d sit really close to him at a party and people would ask me if they were dating before they actually were and when I was apparently still clueless about it).

This was probably the most fun photo shoot I’ve ever been on, with more laughing than ever!  Don’t be afraid to be goofy, people!

I’m so happy you two are happy.  Congratulations!!

2 thoughts on “Marc and Crystal

  1. Brooke says:

    I love that you can see how much they love each other through your photography…that’s when you know you’re good Kelli 😉 I especially like the train pics!

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