R Family

The R family is new to Houston and Rachel wanted a spot that contrasted the desert (Arizona) they’d moved from.  This was a great little park we shot at!

Isn’t Annabel stunning?  I love the way the wind is blowing her hair back.

I have two nephews the same age as Jacob and it’s so sad how quickly they’re growing up!   Before long they’ll all be too big to jump into mom’s arms :(.

Annabel can laugh on demand (this next shot is an example of that).  So crazy cute!

After the kids got their chance on dad’s shoulders, Neil thought it was Rachel’s turn.  She protested going up a bit :).

Welcome to Houston!  Hope you find reasons to love it while you’re here :).

5 thoughts on “R Family

  1. CHRIS says:

    Ditto….gorgeous family. And how fair is it that even when Rachel is on her husbands shoulders, her legs still look thin. Those kids have some good genes to be grateful for.

  2. Brooke says:

    Oh my goodness, what a beautiful family! LOVE the mom on dad’s shoulders and the kids wrestling in the last one….seriously, these pic need to be in a magazine!

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