Kate is the sweet little girl of one of my best friends here in Houston!  She was born while I was out of town back in January and we did a shoot just a couple of days after I got home.  Crystal found out she was pregnant last year after we spent a day skydiving and then a week getting scuba certified!  The day after our certification dive she took a pregnancy test and we schemed together how to tell her husband.  I was SO excited for this little one to get here :).

Our friend JJ came over to help out and took some fun behind-the -scene pictures with his point and shoot!  I think Crystal was a bit nervous about us taking the diaper off in this next shot!

I love this of these two!  I actually have it printed out and it makes me happy every time I look at it.

She looks so little here!

We were trying to calm Kate here so she was sucking on Crystal’s finger while I patted her on the bum.

At the end of the shoot JJ offered to take a picture of me and Kate so I handed the camera over, picked her up and we got this great shot (despite her looking very suspiciously out the window, I think it’s adorable).  Thanks, JJ!

I love you, Crystal!!  I’m so glad I get to be around to watch Kate grow.

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