Cogan Family

Baby A was still so new that she curled up super tight nearly every time I posed her!  I had fun using some of my new headbands with her.

After I put her down in this prop she posed her little hands like this and I just loved it!  So delicate.

I love this next shot because she posed her own legs this way and held them!  I had to re-position every now and then, but I just couldn’t believe she would hold them in like that with no support on the sides.

Baby A lives in this amazing old home in Houston and it was really cool to walk around a bit.  They bought it from the original owners (built around 1920 I believe) and it didn’t even have a/c or heat when they got it!  I loved all the hard wood floors in every room.

Congratulations on your sweet little girl!

2 thoughts on “Cogan Family

  1. Brooke says:

    I too think the last one is my favorite, she seriously looks like a baby doll! Fabulous job!!! And yes, the headbands ARE awesome!!!!

  2. CHRIS says:

    Great shoot. I love the little fingers picture. I think, however, that the last one is my favorite. Great new headbands. I LOVE them.

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