The A Family

The A stands for Awesome.  This was one of the easiest families I’ve ever photographed!  Start off with a few knock-knock jokes and you can’t go wrong.

I swear, John must have a calling as a gymnast or a dancer.  Look at that form!

When the younger kids get tossed up at a shoot, inevitably the older ones want to try it out too!  This was one of the best 7-year-old tosses I’ve seen yet.

I loved everything they were wearing.  Jacob was so handsome!

Can’t you believe this cuteness??  Grace was so adorable.

The tie kills me.  I love it!!

This is an example of what a small world we live in.  Terri used to get her hair cut in Utah by the same friend of mine that cuts my hair in California!  Now we both live in Houston.  So crazy!

Kathy & Minh

I’ll be blogging every day this week so I can get a few pictures up of some of my recent shoots!

For now, a few of my favorites from Kathy and Minh’s gorgeous wedding!  Have you ever seen a better looking bridal party??

Stunning.  Seriously, you are stunning!


When I showed up to Bradley’s newborn shoot I was greeted by several of his family members, including two (of his many) aunts!  They were such a great help and it was obvious this little one will never lack for love and attention.

This first shot embodies my love affair with gray.  Oh, gray, how I love thee.

Look at that little foot!  I just want to tickle it.

Do you ever think that in 10 years we’ll be saying, “Why on earth did we put those weird hats on naked babies?”?  I still think it’s just too cute to pass up :).

I hope we never stop putting fun hats on cute naked babies!

Isn’t he sweet?  The last 20 or 30 minutes of the session he was out!  I moved him from prop to prop, certain he was going to start squirming, but he kept on sleeping!  What a good boy.

R Family

The R family is new to Houston and Rachel wanted a spot that contrasted the desert (Arizona) they’d moved from.  This was a great little park we shot at!

Isn’t Annabel stunning?  I love the way the wind is blowing her hair back.

I have two nephews the same age as Jacob and it’s so sad how quickly they’re growing up!   Before long they’ll all be too big to jump into mom’s arms :(.

Annabel can laugh on demand (this next shot is an example of that).  So crazy cute!

After the kids got their chance on dad’s shoulders, Neil thought it was Rachel’s turn.  She protested going up a bit :).

Welcome to Houston!  Hope you find reasons to love it while you’re here :).