Bandera Family

Don’t you love all of S’s hair??  It does make it a little difficult to put in headbands sometimes as you can get funny wisps of hair poking out all over the place!

Her mama is from the Philippines so it was a lot of fun to talk to her about it!  I lived there for a short time several years back and the conversation made me yearn for mangoes and pineapple.  I even left with this amazing little mango desert a friend brought back from the Phils.  It was so tasty!

Thanks for letting me play with your perfect baby for the day! (and thanks for that incredible gumbo too!)

Mason Family

A brought a few different outfits for her maternity session and I loved every one!  I’m mildly obsessed with gray as well as blue and purple together.  I was definitely feeling the bright colors today!

This next one is one of my favs!

Isn’t she adorable?!

Can’t wait to meet your little guy next month!


I did Kristen’s maternity pictures and baby Emma’s newborn pictures 3 weeks apart!  I never got the chance to blog her maternity pictures, so here’s one that I really liked.

Introducing Emma!

They had this Christmas hat and ornaments so we put together a little Christmas set-up!  I think it turned out really cute :).

I glanced into their yard and loved this one little shaded corner.  I knew we had to do a shot out there!

Baby G

After the maternity session (here) I should have known the newborn session would be such a joy!  G (or E, depending on what you want to call her) was just so precious.  Look at that smile!

And those lips!  Oh, those lips.

This is my favorite!  I LOVE all these colors together.  That headband is a new favorite.  They wouldn’t let me take it home though, so I had to go buy my own :).  She just looks so peaceful too.  Love.

So fun to see you again and meet your little beauty!


I got to photograph Connor when he was right at about a week old and he was a great client!  I’ve photographed so many blue-eyed babies lately and Connor got to join that club :).

See?  He’s such a good poser.

I love this hat!  I wish more people chose it :).  It looked so good on the green blanket!

We got a sweet little smile at the very end of the session!  So glad I decided to do a few more shots.