The Paul Family

I don’t often photograph families with only adult children, but this must have been one of the most hilarious family sessions I’ve ever done!  I was already friends with a couple of them, but most I met for the first time right before the session as they had to fly in from all over the country and even the world!

We got plenty of nice, normal, happy family pictures…

But I found myself laughing out loud as I edited pictures such as this:

Oh, and THIS.  This totally cracks me up.

Dan was unseated as oldest when his brother married Andrea, and I don’t think he’s taking it very well.

I’ve never said no to a good old fashioned pyramid.

How can you not love this family?!?

Love this next one too :).   Mom’s reaction is priceless.

Last shot of the shoot, but definitely not the least awesome.  I see this being printed life-size.  Maybe above my couch.

I’m not sure they’ll share my vision.

Jeff & Hayley

I’ve known Jeff as long as I’ve lived in Houston!  He was one of the first people I met and I’m so happy he and Hayley found each other.  I get to go to Utah to photograph their wedding in March and I can’t wait!

Baby C

After photographing two sets of early twins, C seemed like a giant.  His head was so big it didn’t fit in some of the hats!  What a sweet, alert boy he is, and check out that chin dimple!

I love his face here!  So rosy and calm and perfect.

You can see his mom’s maternity pictures here!  It was so great to see you all again and to meet your little man!