Africa Show is up!

For anyone who’s interested (and in Utah) my Africa show is up at BYU and there will be an opening reception tonight from 6-8 in the HFAC (Harris of Fine Arts Center). The show is on the 4th floor west hall. Hope to see you there!

A little bit of Hope šŸ™‚

PS: After the show goes down I’ll be selling all the framed (and a few unframed) prints and all the profit will go straight to sponsoring children at the orphanage I went to in Ghana. Check back in 2 weeks for more details!

Handsome ‘M’

All together now…Awwwwwww. So much fun. Slept like a dream. He’s the youngest of 5, so he’ll have to be a good sleeper :). Siblings coming soon!

FYI I’ll be taking my computer in today to Apple to get some problems fixed. Hopefully it will only be gone for a day, but I’ll be a bit limited as to responding to emails and won’t be able to work on pictures during this time. I’ll miss my baby :(.

The Farrell Family

It was interesting trying to find this beach in Carmel, and we managed to lose a whole van along the way :), but we all got there eventually and we had some great light and a ton of fun! Thanks for having me come down and dinner afterward!!

I taught this beauty in church when she was 6/7. I can’t believe how grown up she looks here!

Do I love this next shot? Like A LOT??? YES. Yes I do.

Note: the person second to the end on the left? yeah, she’s very pregnant. and she got some air! (and there was no photoshopping done to ‘help’ anyone jump higher šŸ™‚ )

Loving husband shielding his wife from potential flying bird droppings :). So tender.


I’ve had lots of inquiries lately for my next trip to the San Francisco bay area, so I thought I’d blog about it so everyone can know! I’m headed out to my homeland October 15th, and I’m still open for shoots on various days between October 21st-Oct 31st. There may be a few days open the first week of November, but it will be limited.

If you’re interested in scheduling a session you can shoot me an email at
kelli @ Thanks for your interest!!