Aren’t these the cutest little feet you’ve ever seen kicking around??  I’m in love.

Red, yellow, and gray=a winning color combination.  Put an adorable baby in the middle and this is one picture that just melts me.

Ah, baby hands!  They’re often moving far to fast to get a focus on them, but how darling they are!

There’s a whole lot more cuteness where that came from!


Manny was such a blessing to his hopeful and patient parents!  After waiting two years and going through several “almosts,” they were finally able to adopt their baby boy.  I’m pretty sure he was worth the wait!  They didn’t even know about him until he was already a couple of days old and they got the call!  I think they were out the door before the person on the other line was able to finish a sentence.  Isn’t he perfect?!

Manny is also a model baby for why it’s so important to do newborn pictures early!  I’ve had a few babies right at 7 days recently and each one has been a dream.

This yellow blanket belonged to Manny’s dad!  I’ve had so many clients lately that have had me use a blanket that has special meaning during their session.  I love it!

This next one is my favorite.  What a sweet boy.

Manny is named after his great-grandpas and this hat was the hat that Grandpa Manny wore.  His wife (great-grandma) was the one who made this blanket!  Maybe when this Manny is a little bigger he’ll get to wear the hat on his head.

We got several little grins throughout the session, and this was one of the last.  How sweet is he.