W Family

K is a very talented photographer down in League City and wanted to get together to do a lifestyle shoot with her cute family!  Here are just a few.

For some reason, I really love this first one.  G got some air!

This one cracks me up.  They were trying to get J to sit with the family, but he wanted nothing to do with them (for about a minute).  Ah, the middle child.

I LOVE this one too!  The way A and G turned around to look at me is just so precious.

I love it when people bring fun, colorful props and my stools matched their colors perfectly!

Jeff & Katie

I’m out of town right now so I’ll be posting just a few pictures of some recent clients so they don’t go too crazy during the wait :).

Jeff and Katie’s wedding was gorgeous and so were they!  Photographers, these were all shot with my new favorite toy, the 35 1.4 :).

Jeff said the South Carolina family would like this next shot!

See how fun and adorable they are?  Yeah, I like them too.

Hope you’re having fun (had fun?) on your honeymoon in Jamaica!!!


I’m working on a “Tips for shooting newborns” post with lots of pictures of this pretty little lady, but I couldn’t hold off from posting at least a few any longer!  This is my newest niece, Lyla.

4 days new.

6 days.

9 days.

She looks perfect, right?  If only we had known that after about 5 days this little missy would get her nights and days all worked out and liked to stay awake during the day.  She was one of my hardest newborns ever.   I took the girl out at sunrise near the end of my trip (below) in hopes that she’d stay asleep for me.  Little did we know that this was her happy time!  When she started giving me these giant smiles I could hardly believe it.  She did this every five minutes like clockwork for about 30 minutes.

Lyla at 10 days.

Oh, and Happy Birthday to my Gramma!  Hope you enjoyed these pictures of your 11th great-grandchild!