A and C’s engagements

I always love shooting at new locations and A & C were so good to me!

There was something new around every corner.

I couldn’t stop telling her how amazing this color looked on her, don’t you agree?!

It was my first time shooting the Houston skyline.  What a great spot!

Gordon & Katrina engaged!

Katrina and Gordon are a super fun couple I know from church and their engagement session was the generous wedding gift from two other friends! One of those friends came along and second-shot. Some of these locations we just randomly found as we were driving around.

It rained/misted on us intermittently the entire time and everyone took it in good stride! We hardly even used the umbrellas (though we were protecting the cameras like mad) and Katrina and Gordon both looked amazing throughout :).

Want to know how I managed this next shot with my short self?? Keep scrolling.

Me, in all my wet, cold, trying-to-protect-myself-from-the-wind-and-rain glory.

I got that above shot the same way I got this one…

All I needed was one awesome boyfriend. It was his idea. He’s a genius.

This was almost as fun as the double date we went with these two to a sketchy mini golf place a few weeks ago :). Congratulations!

Brit+Bran Engaged!

These two, I pretty much love them. I met Brit a year ago when we did a shoot of just her, which was also just a few weeks before she got engaged…in Paris…to an incredible guy. Yep, pretty much my dream. They came up to San Francisco from LA to do an engagement session and I don’t think it could have been more fun! We found amazing new spots even in locations I’ve shot in tons of times and they were totally up for anything. We got so many awesome shots that you’ll definitely be seeing more of these two soon :).

Be excited. The awesomeness has just begun.

The Day Before

Some of my out of state weddings choose to do an engagement-type session the day before their wedding so they can get some cute pictures together without being dressed up and I always love it! Angelin and Ryan got married in Florida (well, in a boat off the coast of Florida) and the evening before we went out to the pier in Cocoa Beach and did some shooting!

Angelin and Ryan have been together since high school! They were obviously so comfortable and in-love and fun around each other. It’s always so fun to see how two people in-love interact and be able to capture that :).

This first shot is one of my favs!

Another favorite!

I often have people tell me they love how a lot of my portraits seem more candid and photo-journalistic. I think this is a good post to point out that, while most of these pictures seem pretty non-invasive, I actually posed them (told them where to put their hands, to look at each other, to look at me, how to sit/stand, nuzzle each other, etc) in most of the shots and then let them do their thing so it looks natural and unforced. I think they did a pretty good job with all my orders :).

upI’ll probably be blogging less in the next month or so I can get all my client’s proofing galleries, but I’ll try to sneak in a picture or two every few days!