Jeff & Hayley

Jeff & Hayley got married in Utah a couple of weeks ago so I can finally show off some pictures from their bridal session! We went down to Brazos Bend and it was gorgeous. I’m so excited about these pictures!

This next one is one of my favorites.

Another favorite!

Holly & Bill

Doesn’t Holly have the perfect pregnant belly?  They were so fun to photograph (and thank you Houston for not pouring down rain on us!) and I can’t wait to meet their little one next month!

I think this quilt it so cool.  How fun to have something so unique to pass down each generation!  Why does no one in my family quilt??

I really like clovers.  I could photograph them every day.

Ryan & Ann

Ryan and Ann are friends from church who got this session from a service auction we did.  I’m so glad because we had so much fun!  If you’re any of our friends you should recognize this first shot as it’s a nearby movie theater many of us frequent!  I’ve been dying to photograph here since I moved to Houston and I was so excited when they chose this location!  There are so many fun colors.

It only took a few tries, and even Ryan was impressed that he could jump like this!

They’re such good jumpers.


Jeff & Hayley

I’ve known Jeff as long as I’ve lived in Houston!  He was one of the first people I met and I’m so happy he and Hayley found each other.  I get to go to Utah to photograph their wedding in March and I can’t wait!