Kelly’s Maternity Shoot

Kelly is such a stunning pregnant mama!  With my 5’2″ frame there’s no way I’ll look this good carrying a baby :).  We shot at 34 weeks and happened to choose a hot and humid day in Houston (oh wait, they’re ALL hot and humid).  We had to take quite a few breaks, but we got some beautiful shots.

Her charming 5-yr-old (and husband) came and I snagged this last shot of Aidan right before we left.  Little boys totally crack me up.

W Family

K is a very talented photographer down in League City and wanted to get together to do a lifestyle shoot with her cute family!  Here are just a few.

For some reason, I really love this first one.  G got some air!

This one cracks me up.  They were trying to get J to sit with the family, but he wanted nothing to do with them (for about a minute).  Ah, the middle child.

I LOVE this one too!  The way A and G turned around to look at me is just so precious.

I love it when people bring fun, colorful props and my stools matched their colors perfectly!

Jeff & Katie

I’m out of town right now so I’ll be posting just a few pictures of some recent clients so they don’t go too crazy during the wait :).

Jeff and Katie’s wedding was gorgeous and so were they!  Photographers, these were all shot with my new favorite toy, the 35 1.4 :).

Jeff said the South Carolina family would like this next shot!

See how fun and adorable they are?  Yeah, I like them too.

Hope you’re having fun (had fun?) on your honeymoon in Jamaica!!!

A’s Maternity Shoot

This shoot got rescheduled at least 3 times due to our perfect record of choosing stormy days!  When it finally worked out the weather was perfect.  Oh, it was so nice.  Not hot, not cold, not too sunny, not too cloudy.  Perfect.  It also allowed this mama-to-be to grow a little more!  She’s nearly 34 weeks here, can you believe it?  She’s so tall that baby has tons of room to stretch out and when she’s sitting or laying she hardly looks pregnant (there are a LOT of jealous women out there A!).

We started off the shoot at her apartment complex.  They were so nice and let us use one of the model apartments.  It was ridiculously cute and had great light!

We finished off the shoot at Uptown Park.  I’ve wanted to shoot here ever since I moved here!  It was really fun and I discovered things I hadn’t noticed before.

This next shot is a good example of some of the wonders of post-processing that I thought people would like to see.  I took this picture (below) knowing that I wanted to bring in the background more, but in order to expose for A’s face, the background has to be over-exposed.  So I exported this image from Lightroom as is,

and then decreased the exposure significantly and exported this one as well.

I put them together and after a little masking and editing, voila.

We happened to be walking by crave cupcake and I suggested that we get a pink cupcake for A’s little cupcake that she’s growing.  She said her husband would really like these shots and I know I do!

C came along again and helped me shoot and grabbed this lovely shot while I was focused on the cupcake.

I can’t wait for baby to get here!  Expect a beautiful new baby girl to grace this blog in June.