J&S: the Reception

Almost done :). The details for this reception were so great! They used the vintage suitcases in several ways and the center pieces were super rad and funky and I love them! Noticing a book theme too??

her rings:
his ring:

Really cool cake buffet! I’m pretty sure I tried nearly all of them.

Buttons everywhere!

The bride’s dad runs a farm and they specialize in organic onions and they were able to use them on the menu!

First dance 🙂
Best man’s toast!
So this picture is kind of blurry, but I still love it. The best man unexpectedly had everyone guess how to spell the groom’s middle name (he’s Polish, remember?). The bride got it right!
The groom’s father. I think they look so much alike!!

Sister of the bride :). Thanks to Cory the groomsman for being my flash holder!
Mother of the groom.

I love the way they’re looking at each other here.

J&S: Ring Ceremony

The Groom’s parents were unable to attend the actual sealing inside the temple so they had a beautiful ring ceremony at the hotel where they had the reception. It wasn’t a big frilly deal, but very simple and nice.

Here they’re holding a copy of The Family: A Proclamation to the World.
Their friend Lindsey read an excerpt for them by CS Lewis (I don’t remember that the excerpt was…but it was lovely :)).

They read “vows” to each other and Jenna’s was so touching it made me tear up!

They had cool buttons everywhere, including down the aisle!

They weren’t allowed to have candles, but Jenna found this awesome chandelier and did the whole melted candle look herself! It hung above them and was such a great touch!

Congratulations! Again 🙂

Williams family

This family has waited so patiently for their pictures during this crazy busy time! This is my new favorite place to shoot ever, the only problem is it’s in Seattle. And I’m not. It’s called Gas Works Park. Isn’t it the best???

I have many photographic dreams. These next 2 pictures fulfilled one of those dreams.

We also went down to Pike’s Place. So fun!

I LOVE Seattle.

J&S: Bridal Party

Bridal party time! We didn’t have much time for the groomsmen so did them at the temple and they turned out great! Those are some hot guys!

Whose idea was this again??
We only had about 4 minutes for a bridal party picture so we did a quick one in the hotel where they had the reception. Cool little lounge, eh??
Off to do the bridesmaids (and bridesman)! LOVE these vintage suitcases and the sass I’m getting from everyone :).

I love this one. Love it.
We got really cool shots of the bride with all her bridesmaids right here, but this is her and her sister!

When was the last time you saw a bridal party that looked this good??