Kelli Nicole Photography – Houston Photographer

J&S the real deal-Puerto Vallarta

Yes, I know this is probably the largest post to date. This was also the longest engagement shoot to date and I also traveled the farthest (well, besides London, but I was already there). Are they hott or what?! Dang, just wait for the wedding!!

We played the "what would you do if" game. Example: "What would you do if the wind suddenly blew J's skirt up?"

I love you two!

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  1. awesome shots!

  2. Thanks everyone!!!! And Whitney, I used a tilt-shift, I haven’t used my lens baby for about a year and a half, I think I only used it once. Wanna buy it? 🙂

  3. A-MAZE-“ZING”
    Wow, these are incredible Kelli!
    Congrats Jenna!

  4. I cannot get over the pink wall with the lens baby. Those shots are awesome!

  5. yes, the BEST!!! I really can’t pick a favorite. It’s crazy, a year ago I was looking at your pics and thinking,”man, these are just amazing, can’t get much better” and now just a year later it’s like a whole new league, I really really don’t think you can get much better! But next year at this time I will probably be eating my words ;o) YAY you!!!

  6. Can I just say, these are amazing, AMAZING photos. I love the colors especially!

  7. Kelli, you ARE the best. Can’t pick a favorite. I’m trying. . . really. . .but it’s impossible. She is going to be one beautiful bride.

  8. Ok Jenna, Kelli, you are the best. Love them!

  9. Kelli, you are the best. Really. The best. Everyone, go ahead and tell Kelli how she is the best.

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