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This is one of my favorite families to shoot (it helps that the 2 younger ones are best friends with my niece and nephew) and this shoot turned out so great! Mom wanted them photographed with their grandma, who the little one is named after. She is frequently referred to as "SL2." They're all so adorable together!

After that we dressed up SL2 and I'm a tad obsessed with loving these pictures of her.

The shoot was over, but as mom grabbed her checkbook I grabbed a few last candids. Some of my favs 🙂

Thanks for another great shoot!

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  1. What a great set of pictures… perfect for a collage frame! So sweet!

  2. Holy cow, those are GORGEOUS!!!!! i LOVE the last one where she has her little foot up!

  3. Love love love the one from the back. That should be a greeting card. Maybe that could be next year’s Christmas card. Beautiful pictures.

  4. Now if I dressed up like that for a photo shoot, people would think I’m totally crazy. Nice shots!

  5. Those are perfect little girl pictures. So adorable–I love them!!

  6. OMG! I love that little rascal! Darling pics Kelli!!


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