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Jen and Spencer engaged!

I am soooo happy with this shoot! It was great to go around to various locations that I've never shot at in San Francisco (where this couple lives). I have so many favorites from this shoot it'd be impossible to pick one!

Reflections. I love them. So much.

I saw this purple wall and had them pull over. I love these!!

It was so wonderful meeting you!!

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  1. I stumbled across you’re blog and what luck! Grrooovy darling! Me loooves ur work!

  2. these are GORGEOUS!

  3. I love them all! The are such a photogenic couple and super cute together!

  4. Love the last one. Love it.

    Also, seriously, where were you when I was getting married???

  5. They gave me chill bumps! They are beyond amazing!!!!

  6. EXCEPTIONAL!!!!!!!!!

  7. The reflection photo is GORGEOUS!

  8. Oh I love them all! They are a beautiful couple, and the locations were awesome!!

  9. You know the laying on the grass shot is my very fav.

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