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Veronica-Senior #3

I've probably known Veronica since she was born...yep, pretty sure. I used to visit California every summer and play with her older siblings and I also shot her older sister's wedding a couple of years ago. I didn't know Veronica very well since she was so much younger, but we had too much fun on this shoot! We didn't have much planned besides heading into San Francisco and we discovered soooo many ridiculously cool locations. See for yourself :).

I had her stop at Kara's cupcakes for her first one ever (I'm slightly obsessed). She loved it. And this is really making me want one right now!!!

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  1. Ha, compare those to MY senior pictures and it would just be pitiful! Those are AMAZING and she is a lucky girl to have those stunning pictures of herself…and I FOR sure think you should send the Kara’s cupcake ones to Kara

  2. I love all of your senior girls pictures! I will miss them terribly next year! 🙁

    Great job Kelli!

  3. I’m in love with the one of her standing so unassumingly in the field looking straight at the camera. Of course that’s because it looks like film, and you know how obsessed I am with film right now.

  4. I actually got one of the numbers wrong, so I’m going to add 3 more….3, 9, 12. I also love the Kara’s photos. You should email those to Kara’s.

  5. Oh wow. I just LOVE these. If I had to pick my favorite 3, I think it would be numbers 2, 11, 17 (I hope I got those numbers right). Now if I could pick my favorite 17, that would be much easier. Stunning.

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