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Rock on!

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  1. Ah! These are so adorable! Great shots, Kelli–and congrats, Brie!!

  2. You are amazing, I love them ALL! I can't get over how good you are

  3. Oh my gosh, that first one is hilarious!

  4. Kelli, you make me want to have babies just so I can have you take pictures of them. Gorgeous!

  5. She is so cute…and the pictures are amazing!

  6. It almost makes me want to have another baby, just so you can photograph them…..I did say ALMOST 😉 They are soooo beautiful, the pictures and the baby!!!

  7. BEAUTIFUL! fantastic job!

  8. Love them, too. Great job.

  9. Love them! Thank you!

  10. OMG. Beautiful!!

  11. she is so deliciously squishy! love it.

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