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Gordon & Katrina engaged!

Katrina and Gordon are a super fun couple I know from church and their engagement session was the generous wedding gift from two other friends! One of those friends came along and second-shot. Some of these locations we just randomly found as we were driving around.

It rained/misted on us intermittently the entire time and everyone took it in good stride! We hardly even used the umbrellas (though we were protecting the cameras like mad) and Katrina and Gordon both looked amazing throughout :).

Want to know how I managed this next shot with my short self?? Keep scrolling.

Me, in all my wet, cold, trying-to-protect-myself-from-the-wind-and-rain glory.

I got that above shot the same way I got this one...

All I needed was one awesome boyfriend. It was his idea. He's a genius.

This was almost as fun as the double date we went with these two to a sketchy mini golf place a few weeks ago :). Congratulations!

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  1. So funny story… I’ve been following your blog for, oh, probably about a year now! I started looking at your site around the time I started my own photography business. Anyway- Gordon is a friend of mine from college and my husband actually baptized Gordon while on his mission in Michigan! Small world. LOVE their engagement pictures. We are so happy for Gordon and Katrina!

  2. These are AWESOME!!! I LOVE the shot with the umbrella…and these 2 look like naturals in front of the camera! I LOVE the brick wall and the bright yellow background…there are actually too many favorites!!!! Oh, and great assisting C 😉

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