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Whitney’s Maternity Pictures!

Whitney is another amazing friend from the photography program (in addition to all my photo friends having babies, 3 of my freshmen roommates are pregnant).  She recently had her little girl and I'm finally getting around to posting some of these pictures!  I was in Utah for a wedding and it was perfect timing so we could do this shoot!  Whitney chose the location, which I loved, and she stuck with it even though it was freezing.  We did very few pictures in short-sleeves before she changed into something warmer!

Her husband was able to meet us and we got some adorable pics of them together :).  As a photographer I don't think she gets many!

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  1. Beautiful…everything, her belly, the couple pics, her laying in the grass, they are sooo good, wish I could afford to fly you out around April or May!!!

  2. Wow, I LOVE these. Great couple shots. Great belly shots. I’ve really loved your last two maternity shoots. I hope more pregnant moms hire you soon so I can see more!

  3. Love them, makes me wish I had some maternity pics with hy!

  4. Whitney’s round belly is so cute! I love how you’re maternity pictures show off a fully clothed belly. 😉

  5. whitney you look stunning. kelli great job.

  6. oh, they are cute.

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