Mammoth Men!!!

I’m home for a few hours of sleep (and apparently blogging) before I head out again to the land of no internet, but I pretty much would have shot myself before waiting 4 more days to post these pictures.

I went to the BluDomain party Tuesday night at the Hard Rock Hotel in Vegas (part of my WPPI extravaganza) and got a few shots of some of my favorite people :). The Mammoth Men were featured and the 12 guys each karaoke’d for us. It was special.

Bobbi sure knows how to rock.
Mammoth Men wives rocked the floor like groupies, which made for some great shots!
Michael Norwood got down with his bad self.

Matt Sloan showed us how to rock the air guitar like a superstar.

Nate, well, he glistened.

And proved that he’s a rockstar.
Chantastic killed it.
Meet the suave Gabriel Ryan
Justin and Amelia Lyon taught us all about thongs and the cool way to wear red pants with pink shoes. And yellow skinny jeans.
Mark Brooke got everyone feelin’ it. Especially Gabriel.
Kyle Barnes somehow got Jeff to start taking off his clothes.
Jeremy Parsons swooned us. And his wife on her voicemail. At 2 am.

A quick photo-op with Mammoth Men wives plus Jessica Claire! My head looks huge. I know.
Eligible bachelor Fred Egan everyone…The ONLY single mammoth men.
Jory Cordy amazed us all with his mad skillz.
And Jeff Newsom, well, lets just say he knows how to ROCK.
I think it’s obvious.
Dave and Quin partied right along with the rest of us.


Best. Party. EVER.

Vegas, California, Arizona, and Houston

In several hours I’ll be boarding yet another plane and this time I’m headed to Vegas! Sin city is going to be (well, already is) inundated with lots and lots…and lots of photographers this week and I’m excited to be one of them :). I don’t know if I’ll have any internet access while I’m there but if you need to contact me just give me a call or please be patient :). I’ll be traveling a lot the next two weeks and will be in Northern California, Southern California, Vegas, Arizona, and finally finishing off in Texas (yes, I’m driving there).

Anyone in Houston need a photographer? How about a friend? I’ll be living there for the month of March so feel free to call me up if you want to get together for any reason!

And a picture of an adorable couple that I am soooo excited to blog! Coming soon!

Travel dates!

Okay, well, my whole life is traveling. Since I don’t really have a home base right now I thought I’d let you all know where I’ll be available for photo shoots the next little while.

Here we go.

UTAH. I’ll be in the SLC/Utah County area from January 5th-January 26th.

TEXAS anyone? This is my first trip to Texas! I’ll be in the Houston area for a few days, January 28th-February 4th and I can do a few shoots during that time.

At this point I’m planning on being in Northern California for most of the rest of February (with a short trip to Vegas for a photography thing in the middle and a couple possible weddings in SoCal).

If you’d like to schedule a shoot call or email me (click on “contact info” on the right) asap! Thanks!


The day before the wedding in Chehalis, Washington a couple of weeks ago I wandered around this awesome little town we were all staying in. Centralia, Washington, you totally rock.

PS: I’m currently IN Washington right now, again, with limited access to email. Just thought I’d let you know 🙂