Travel dates!

Okay, well, my whole life is traveling. Since I don’t really have a home base right now I thought I’d let you all know where I’ll be available for photo shoots the next little while.

Here we go.

UTAH. I’ll be in the SLC/Utah County area from January 5th-January 26th.

TEXAS anyone? This is my first trip to Texas! I’ll be in the Houston area for a few days, January 28th-February 4th and I can do a few shoots during that time.

At this point I’m planning on being in Northern California for most of the rest of February (with a short trip to Vegas for a photography thing in the middle and a couple possible weddings in SoCal).

If you’d like to schedule a shoot call or email me (click on “contact info” on the right) asap! Thanks!

2 thoughts on “Travel dates!

  1. Karen S says:

    Okay, so I read your post back and it says you’re going to be in Northern California in Feb., not North Carolina, like I thought it said. Hopefully it works out.

  2. Karen S says:

    We would love you to do a shoot with our baby when he comes (Feb. 8th or so), if you’re around. No pressure Kelli…. please….

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